Rules for your visit

Visiting a church is always a spiritual experience, regardless of your beliefs or conditions.

Holy places erected for worship are better appreciated if their original destination is taken into due account. For this reason, you are required to keep respectfully quiet and switch off your phone for the time of your visit.
Visitors are expected to wear modest clothing suited for the holiness of the place. Visitors wearing shorts, sleeveless clothes, bare-necked garments or scanty outfits will not be allowed access. Also, you are not allowed to bring in any food, drinks or pets.
You are not allowed to take pictures or shoot in the whole complex of the Basilica, for the sake of conservation and image use policy. To obtain special permission thereof, please file a request to the Trust managing the site, “Società per la Conservazione della Basilica di Aquileia”, to the following mail address:

You are more than welcome if you wish to join in our services. This is when the beauty of the Basilica is enjoyed at best, as the church fully reveals its greatest meaning and value. For this reason, visits are suspended during some ceremonies. For your own spells of recollection, a chapel is always reserved to prayer and Eucharistic Adoration.